Irregular plan shape [PLFI]

The building footprint is a shape that cannot be reasonably described by one of the shapes in this table. Buildings with A-, B-, F- or P-shaped plans are included in this class.


Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain has an irregular plan shape (Left:,_Bilbao,_July_2010_%2806%29.JPG; Right: map data ©2013 Google, Eusco Jaurlaritza, Gobierno Vasco)


Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa has a B-shaped plan (Map data ©2013 Google, DigitalGlobe)


The West Block is a part of the building complex housing the Canadian Parliament (Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada); the building has a P-shaped plan (Map data ©2013 Google, DigitalGlobe)


Central Public Library in Vancouver, Canada has a circular plan shape with an opening, plus a free-standing elliptical wall, and an office tower (Map data ©2013 Google, DigitalGlobe)