Bamboo [WBB]

Hollow-stemmed plant. Its stiff tubular stems, sometimes up to 150-200 mm diameter, are used as a building material. It is commonly used as split and woven construction, in the form of trusses and frames. Bamboo construction has been traditionally used in South-East Asia (India), East Asia (China), South Pacific, and to certain extent in Central and South America.


Bamboo grove in Kyoto, Japan (M. Brzev)


Bamboo frame construction on stilts found in flood- and earthquake-prone areas such as Assam, India (People in Centre)


Bamboo frame construction, Assam, India (People in Centre)

WBB_Central America_GUADUABAMBOO_1

Woven bamboo mats are used in low-income housing in Central America (


Traditional Bahay Kubo homes in Phillipines are built using bamboo (